Consumer-Citizen Lab

a Nudge Lebanon initiative made possible through generous funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York

The Consumer-Citizen Lab (CCL) – Nudge Lebanon’s jewel offering – is an initiative that seeks to extend the discipline of behavioural economics to universities in Lebanon, and eventually in the Arab region, build the capacity of students and future practitioners as well as link various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, experts, and academics.

People in a civic setting consume products and services from private businesses, supermarkets, … and they consume public services provided by the government and its agencies. At the same time, people also consume interactions with other consumer-citizens. 

As such, not only are businesses and public entities a source of violations of consumer-citizens’ rights but so are other fellow consumer-citizens.

CCL expands the concept of consumer protection to include citizenship angles. So from pure narrow consumer policy issues, such as protection against abuse of market powers and failures as well as against government suboptimal services to citizenship in the widest sense where rights, obligations, and options are the core of the discussion of CCL. 

CCL allows sharing, discussing and recommending innovative solutions for many challenges faced in the country.