1. Junior & Senior Behavioural Scientists
    • The objective of the job is to apply the latest findings of behavioural economics into public policy projects, using rigorous experimentation methods. Read more…
    • Key Requirements:
      • Masters degree and/or work experience;
      • Knowledge in Behavioral Science/Public Policy or sector-specific expertise (e.g. statistics, engineering, …);
      • Strong quantitative skills;
      • Strong analytical and writing skills;
      • Knowledge of statistical skills, including experience handling large data sets, and the ability to learn new statistical programming languages is an advantage;
      • Experience working with R, STATA, SPSS, MATLAB, or E-Views is an added advantage.
  2. Policy Lab Manager
    • The objective of the job is to manage and administer the Consumer Citizen Lab (“CCL”) including overseeing a course delivered by CCL on the applications of Behavioural Economics in public policy, as well as policy experiments implemented by students enrolled in the course. Read more…