Nudge Lebanon awarded $500,000 grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York for set up of behavioural science “Consumer Citizen Lab”

Nudge Lebanon was awarded $500,000 to set up the first nongovernmental Arab Consumer Citizen Lab to improve public policy through the use of behavioral sciences in national policies and public services. The Consumer Citizen Lab will extend the discipline of behavioral economics to universities in the Arab region, build the capacity of students and future practitioners, and support problem solving by stakeholders, including government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and academics.[1]

In light of this achievement, Dr. Fadi Makki, founder of Nudge Lebanon, stated in an article published by Devex: “Most of the problems and challenges we are facing here in this region have strong behavioral routes, so approaching them with the traditional tools of public policy … would simply not work. A ‘nudge’ is exactly what’s needed to complement those existing policy tools.”[2]


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