Other Experiments

I- Drivers Stopping Beyond Sight of Traffic Light

cars stoppingRev2.png
  • Stopping beyond the sight of traffic lights reduces the number of cars passing the Manara/Riyadi intersection in Beirut by 33% due to the offenders’ inability to observe the changing lights.
  • In some cases, drivers fail to notice the change completely resulting in no cars passing during the green light

II- Drivers Violating U-Turn Sign

  • Drivers violating the ‘no U-turn’ sign on the highly congested Koraytem intersection in Beirut cause major delays for other drivers on BOTH sides of the street.
  • A single violation causes the number of cars passing during green-light to drop to nearly half

Nudge Lebanon is also involved in many other experiments, including:

  • Education: Increasing Syrian refugees’ access to schooling
  • Anti-corruption: Encouraging victims/witnesses of corruption in government entities to report these incidents and seek legal advice
  • Household Recycling: Increasing the participation of households in sorting-at-source and other recycling programs
  • Anti-smoking: Promoting compliance with smoking ban in public areas, specifically in restaurants