About Nudge Lebanon

Nudge Lebanon is a nongovernmental and non-profit initiative working to apply behavioural insights to the policy challenges that Lebanon faces, using rigorous experimental approaches and tools typically used in the field of behavioural economics, such as randomized controlled trials. Nudge Lebanon is a leader in applying behavioural science to a variety of public policy settings, in particular, improving citizen-centred policies and steering people and organizations towards making the most optimal choices, for themselves and their communities.

Nudge Lebanon has also an offering for academic institutions – the Consumer-Citizen Lab – which builds on its three pillars:

observatory.png Observatory for policy research: Benchmark and research best practices, RCTs, and experiments that were conducted all over the world, and assess their potential applicability in Lebanon. In addition, the CCL will solicit suggestions from stakeholders to bring in some of their most interesting behavioural challenges as blueprints for potential experimentation
Lab.png Lab for policy experimentation: design and conduct experiments to test the impact of behaviourally designed interventions, as well as collaborate with academic institutions to advance the use of policy experimentation in academia
Platformz.png Platform for policy advocacy: transform the results and outcomes of research and experimentation into behaviourally informed regulations